Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Love Rugs

I love every kind of rug. I didn't even know I loved rugs, but last month, this happened:

That's my old apartment, suddenly empty! I went to camp one day, and came home to a brand new place...

...with hardwood floors...

...and no rugs.

There are several things that a girl like me can't do without rugs. Examples include playing tug (my back feet slide too much to pull!), chasing a soccer ball (I skid past the ball on these slippery floors!), and napping in a warm spot after a bath.

So, until we could get some rugs, we set up a pretend rug with a sleeping bag in front of the couch:

At least I could get some toys out and relax, but this "rug" slid all over. I offered to give up a few bully sticks out of my regular monthly allowance in order to help my family afford rugs - I assume bully sticks are very expensive, since they're the best possible thing. Luckily, I didn't have to do that, but slowly, over the next few weeks, rugs started to show up at my house:

This blue in the living room first, which makes me look extra pretty

Warm red in the kitchen

And a little kitchen spot by the stove where I can wait for scraps to fall

A big optical illusion in the dining room -
I'm actually much larger than this pattern makes me look!

Even a rug under my little house in the sun room,
which I like especially because it comes out in front like my own personal doormat

Now that I have rugs at home, and all my things are in my new apartment, I feel comfortable here. Our neighborhood is great for walks - I already have friends on my street, and I often walk just a few blocks to the beach to run and get my paws wet chasing the small waves.

We can't wait for the weather to keep getting warmer so that we can enjoy the new place even more. For now, all this hard work of moving has worn me out this month. This little family needs our rest!