Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Never Enough Belly Rubs

I'm so sorry that I've written so little this month! September is just flying by - we've been to New Jersey and several new parks..

Here I am at an Arboretum; it's right here and I love all the trails and rocky paths!
I've made all kinds of dog park friends, like Sally the beagle, who's the very best one..

You can see that this is not Sally, but my friend Lillie - we like to swim together, but she doesn't run very fast

And I'm back in school again! It's been tough to keep up with my blog, since I have to spend all my free time getting belly rubs. There can never be enough belly rubs, you know.

In school this year, I'm learning some really advanced skills. Partly because I love belly rubs so much, I'm getting pretty good at "roll over." Plus, I can already "heel" and it's only the third week of class! Mom is really excited that my new harness helps me walk without tugging on my leash. Here I am getting a little ride home with Dad from a walk in my new harness.

I like my harness just fine, but sometimes when it's hot I get too tired to walk all the way home

Don't you think my new collar looks great? Dad got it for me at the craft fair while we were visiting our New Jersey family. I'm very stylish in green, and I have a cool new flat tag now, too, so that I don't have to jangle while I walk around.

Now I'm getting ready for my first overnight at puppy camp this weekend while Mom and Dad celebrate their anniversary. It'll be tons of fun with all the friends that I've made there during camp days this month. I just hope that I can sleep at night without getting tucked in by my family.