Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

So far, I just love Christmas. I got two early gifts: vitamins, and a mat for my food and water bowls. Mom and Dad said that I could have my mat before Christmas, because it's kind of a lame gift as far as I'm concerned. They also gave me my vitamins early because they might help my gunky allergy eyes. They're called "nuggets," and I heard that my aunts Sophie and Chloe in Missouri love nuggets, so I really like them.

flower girls
Now I can't wait for actual Christmas, because my family said that we're going to my favorite place in New Jersey to get even more presents.

Since I last posted, I've learned to jump up on all of our furniture and the benches in the park.

For my first Thanksgiving, I was most grateful for my big family and my kind neighbors. I got to have a ton of fun playing in my big fenced-in backyard in New Jersey, and I took a vacation of my own while Mom and Dad flew to Missouri for my aunt's special wedding day. I checked in on Wednesday to this cool puppy hotel in New Jersey, made a ton of new friends, and even had my own turkey dinner on Thanksgiving day! Mom and Dad got me a luxury package at the hotel, for lots of walks and a bedtime story on every day of my vacation, so I could relax just right while they flew to Missouri. I can't wait to drive to Ohio in a month or two to meet all of my Dad's family, especially the little ones who look so pretty as flower girls in my aunt's wedding photos.