Friday, June 22, 2012

Crazy Bean

This is a phrase I hear all the time in my house: "Crazy Bean." But what does that mean?

Like my raccoon?

I've been called Bean around here ever since I was a tiny puppy, because when I curl up to sleep and tuck my nose into my paws, I look just like a teeny kidney bean. The name just stuck.

These days, I may not sleep curled up very much, but I'm still Miss Bean. And lately it seems like I'm very often titled CRAZY Bean. I don't know if it's my antics, my gunshot-sharp bark, or if I really have a mental instability, but I'm pretty sure Crazy Bean is a term of endearment.

My favorite barking spot - under the couch.
Daddy thought I would have gotten too big to fit under here by now...
Speaking of antics, I went just about wild for the pool on my first visit to my grandma and grandpa's this summer. Last weekend we drove the long way to Jersey and spent the whole weekend sunbathing and relaxing.

Oh, did I say "sunbathing and relaxing?" Oops. I meant to say "barking at the water and trying to figure out why this pool is so much bigger and deeper than my puppy pool at the park."

I hope you enjoyed the longest day of the year wherever you are. Here, it's SO hot - there's nothing to do but swim!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Family, and Growing Up

I know - where have I been?!? Right???

I'm sorry that I don't write for you more often, but I have to tell you that growing up is hard work, and I've been really busy doing it well. I promise to try my hardest to post more often, even if my posts become much shorter. My life is definitely exciting enough to post about!

Just under two weeks ago, I went to Ohio, and I couldn't believe how much fun it was. My Grandma and Grandpa from Missouri were there, and I met all kinds of other family, too. And look at this amazing estate where I got to stay:

Isn't my great grandparents' home so big and beautiful?!
I even met my Aunts Chloe and Sophie, at last. I've heard so much about them. They're puppies like me, and they gave me the best advice:  chicken nuggets are the best food, long car rides lead to fun places, and pajamas are the coolest. Don't you agree?

Here we are walking with our dads.. Chloe had a little bit of trouble keeping up..

Too fast for the lens!
I spent a lot of my Ohio weekend trying to get my aunts to play with me. My mom tried to get a good picture of me playing tug with Chloe - we're both really great at it, but we sure are hard to photograph..

Here's Chloe in her pajamas!
And then I slept the whooooooole loooooooong way home! I'm a great travel doggie, and I'm working on convincing Mom and Dad to take me camping next. I heard that when we camp we'll get to cook food outside and play the whole time.

I sure love to play.

Here I am with one of my favorite playmates back at home in Connecticut. His name is Murphy, and we see each other at the park almost every day.

Don't we look like best friends? We are.

I love to travel, but I love to be home, too. I get tired a little bit more often than I used to as a teeny puppy. Now I'm a pretty big dog - more than 20 pounds when I went to the vet for my shots this week! As a pretty big dog, I can go to the small or the big dog side of the park, and I can go on really long adventures with my mommy. I can't wait to tell you about more soon.

This is my "Are you sure that I have to get out of the car?
"I'm a little tired, actually..." face

What have you been up to lately?