Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas, Come Again Soon

Christmas is just about the best thing that I can think of. We get to be with all of our family; we get to open gifts, bought and packaged with love. We get to eat special foods, and most of them are cookie-related. We even get to catch up with old friends. Whoever came up with Christmas did a fantastic job, but they made one mistake - they didn't plan Christmas to come often enough!

I had some amazing times over the past week, and I spent time with friends new and old. You saw my old across-the-fence friends in my last post, and then we went to visit some other neighbor dogs. These two sisters, both Scottie dogs, told me that they now sell odor free bully sticks, and I can't wait to get some. See, I love a good bully stick, but after I chew one, my mom doesn't think it's so great that everything (mostly my breath) smells like fish.

My New Jersey friends are the coolest puppies around, and now I can add Ogey to the list. Ogey belongs to some of my NJ friends, and he invited me to his dog park last week.

See how we're almost the same size? Ogey is a good friend!

Ogey's park is full of trees
Ogey looks a little bit like me; in fact, we could be cousins, because his parents said that he's partly a Corgi. I think that we could be related, because we love to do all the same things, like running really fast after tennis balls, sticks, and each other. I'd love to visit with Ogey at the park any time.

Then, I met Molly, my new Philadelphia friend. I think she has an advantage when it comes to obedience, because her dad is a puppy trainer. I still tried my best to show her my skills, and she played with me so kindly that I'm sure we'll be friends for life. Too bad mom forgot to bring out the camera during our visit.

On the move!
Ever since we got back to Connecticut, I've been really busy. See, I got all these great Christmas gifts that I have to play with, and I didn't have hardly any time to sleep during our whole visit to New Jersey, so I'm still catching up in dreamland.

Now that it's a New Year, I guess I should make some resolutions. One of my resolutions is to invite my park friends and other Connecticut puppies over to my house more often. I behave a little bit better now than I used to, so I think my mom will say "yes" if I start asking her to have friends over. Another resolution of mine is to keep my breath fresh. I can do this in two ways: by brushing my teeth more often, and by switching to odorless bully sticks. I plan to do both.

What are your New Year's resolutions? Let me tell you, I'm so glad that we're friends, and I hope that you enjoy reading my blog. Let's keep in touch, and won't you come over soon?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas in New Jersey

Merry Christmas!!

Here I am in New Jersey with my family. Grandma and Grandpa have a big backyard, and these two doggies live across the fence, so we have been running up and down together all day.

I hope that you’re having as much fun as I am this Christmas! We’re visiting with everyone in the family, and I heard that tomorrow we get to chew paper.. I mean.. open presents. I just can’t wait. Here I am with my New Jersey friend Layla, telling each other what we hope that Santa will bring.

I told her that she should ask for an exercise machine, because she needs some more energy to keep up with me.

I hope that we can stay in New Jersey for a long time, because I am having so much fun with my friends and family. I am a very helpful puppy, too - I helped set up the train under the Christmas tree, and here I am helping with the chores in the kitchen.

Are you having fun this Christmas? Send me your photos! Tomorrow, I’ll show you all of the presents that I get. I hope you get everything that you asked for! Remember to tell your family that you love them for all of the wonderful things that they give you, like tug toys and meat drippings. Oh, I hope I get more tug toys from Santa..

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Worst Day Ever

Well, I have some terrible news. Today is the worst day in history. My best friend Father Peter is on a plane now, officially retired, and flying back to Poland. I am going to miss him so much, so I'm writing a poem to him:

An Ode to Father Peter, the Best Friend of Corgi Puppy Margot

Oh, my friend Father Peter,
When you call, "Hey, Doggy!"
I can't run fast enough;
I wiggle my whole body.
I run to your gate -
For bread I can't wait,
Even when bread you bring me is soggy.

Oh, my friend Father Peter,
You tell me great things -
That I have beautiful glasses,
And that joy I bring.
I'll miss your kind songs,
Though I can't sing along.
To come see you I'd like to grow wings.

Oh, my friend Father Peter,
The best friend I could make,
Today I said goodbye,
Though my heart, it breaks.
I whined after you,
And I'll pine after you,
For no one else gives me cheesecakes.

When I met him, Father Peter was carrying leftover bread to the birds and squirrels at the building across the street from my house, where he would go everyday. Then he started to save the best of everything just for me, his best friend. Once, he gave me a whole coconut donut. Now that he's gone, I want to put up a feeder for the birds and squirrels. They don't have such an easy time becoming best friends with people, like I do, so they're going to need some treats.

I guess I'll need extra treats, too, to get through this, the worst day ever. The day that my first ever best friend moved away.