Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I sure hope you've had as much fun today as I have!!

First, I saw my neighbor friends Doug and Father Peter, who always let me jump all over them. Father Peter says, "Shake my hand because you're my friend," and I jump up to give him kisses.

Then, I got to go to Daddy's office and meet all of his friends! Some of them recognized me from the pictures on his work computer, but I was in costume so probably not all of them even knew who I was. Here I am with my family in my Boo costume.

And here's Daddy in his Waldo outfit - he's been playing a Halloween computer game while we wait for trick-or-treat-ers:

While he's busy with that, I'm busy with the prize that I won as a champion of the PetSmart costume contest last week:

We've had eight kids come to our door tonight. Even though Mom seems kind of disappointed that we didn't have more, I'm just trying to figure out why we can't invite them all in to play with me.

A few of our visitors tonight recognize me from my silhouette on the front porch:

Pretty cool, huh?
Happy Halloween, everyone!!

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