Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer School

I hope you all had a great July and are wrapping up the summer with a lot of fun!

I spent one night each week for the last 6 weeks in school taking a class called "Good Manners 2." It was shorter than the classes I took before, but I still learned a lot and had some serious fun!

On my graduation day, I even got to run a rally course!

And here I am with my mommy and my diploma.

Over the last month, I've had also several occasions to practice my good manners when mommy and daddy had friends over.

My friend Mason even took a picture of my whole family while he was here with some other people from mommy and daddy's church making dresses for little girls in Uganda.

You can see how happy I am! Daddy says I still get too excited, because I bark a lot to get my friends' attention. But I just love them so much, and I want to tell them over and over and over and over!

Other than that, I've been going to the dog park a lot, of course, and I've had a couple nights at camp while mommy and daddy spent some time in New York City. Daddy says he'll take me there some time. He said there is a big park that I'll just love!

Are you looking forward to fall? I am! I am hoping to go camping, and I already know I'm going to see my Grandma and Grandpa in New Jersey a couple times in the coming months. I always love going to New Jersey!

I will check in as soon as I can to share more pictures and adventures!


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