Monday, September 17, 2012

New Trick

Some things are just better with short legs. For example, me!

Some people might think that short legs would be a disadvantage, but I'm faster and stronger than lots of doggies with legs longer than mine, which I think makes it even cooler that my legs are so little in the first place. You already saw me shoot across the field like a rocket to get my soccer ball.. Do you know that I can also jump extremely high, even from a sitting position? My short legs are no disadvantage - in fact, they give me extra power for things like picking up speed immediately and turning sharp corners because I'm so low to the ground.

Anyway, there are other things that are better about short legs, too. One of them is that short legs are CUTE. And they're extra cute when I perform my favorite tricks.

Here's one trick that's way cuter with short legs:

I've been able to do this one for a while now. See the carrot on my paw? I LOVE carrots, but in this trick, I wait until Daddy says it's okay to devour that sweet treat. I have to be even smarter than a regular puppy when I do this trick, because my short legs place my paw - and the delectable carrot on top of it - right in front of my nose.. so close I can almost literally taste it while I'm waiting to chomp it! Such a tough test of patience.

Now in the past week I've learned another trick that's cuter with short legs:

I'm so excited about my new trick that I sometimes can't even wait to be told to do it! Why wouldn't I do something that's so super cute it earns me extra treats and affection from everyone?!

Remember: Just because other people see something about you as a disadvantage doesn't mean that it has to be one. Maybe it's just that special something that makes you extra cute!


  1. Go get 'em GoGo! Little dogs with 4 inch legs are the best. Have you ever seen one of our kind play tug o' war? We dig in and hunker down. Nobody plays tug o' war better than a determined Corgi. Near as I can tell, we have tons and tons of determination. My hoomun does the torture for treat thing too. Sometimes it is balanced on the end of my nose! I think it is a dumb game but my hoomun laughs and laughs. Now, Molly, my Border Collie sibling, is being tortured too. (Maybe it is kinda funny after all,) We do it at the same time and then toss the treats up and catch them. Tug o' war is more funner.

  2. You don't have to be six feet tall to be Clever, All Corgis are Smart, we just get 'down' to business and get things done... lol