Saturday, April 23, 2011

It Was the Best of Times..

It was the worst of times..

Wednesday started out so great.

I had to take a pill to get a worm out of my system, but that was great because mom tucked pill pieces in my favorite treat, frozen broccoli.

I went out on the sidewalks to start learning walk etiquette, and I met a neighbor dog, Nayla. She baaaaarked and barked, so I hid on mommy's legs. I guess we were both afraid. Then, when she got quiet, I got my boldness back and asked her for a sniff. She was still nervous, so I chased her all around her mom's feet. Our playdate was so awesome! Well, maybe Nayla didn't think so, but I'll win her heart next time. Why be afraid of someone only half your size?

Then, after daddy came home for his lunch, I was having trouble relaxing so I went out again and met three new neighbors! I just love new people, and I barely even bite them, because they have so many new smells and fabrics for me to investigate. One of my neighbors came from a kitchen downtown, and she got lots of licks on her cook's hands!

Well, then my day went sour. Mommy didn't know why I was all upset, but we figured it out when I threw up a huge worm (and everything else in my mini stomach!) We think the vet should put a warning on the medication I was given in my broccoli, because I haven't been feeling so great ever since. I couldn't relax on Wednesday night, couldn't sleep, and had to go out really often even though I was having accidents inside, too.

I don't know if you know this yet, but I'm a really smart girl. I know I'm not supposed to do my business inside. But how can I avoid it when I don't know when business is coming? I can sleep now, but I had one more bad accident in the kitchen yesterday morning, right in the middle of mommy's floor. Then I fell asleep, hard as a rock, and fast. I didn't even have time to participate in one of my favorite activities, which is the wiping of the floor with a super fun chewable paper towel. I hope this is the end of my tummy troubles. Mommy does, too.

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