Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Favorite Things

I have a new #1 most favorite activity in the whole universe!

I am here to announce that the best thing EVER is this:

Sorting laundry.

I'm so helpful, I spent my whole evening with Mommy yesterday, making sure that all of the darks and lights and colors were separated and ready to wash.

Oh, how I love the smell of those disgusting socks and sweaty t-shirts! Oh, how I love to pull underwear through the small openings in the sides of the laundry basket! Oh, how I love to jump from basket to clothes pile and back again, again, again! Oh, how I love to crawl all the way to the bottom of the upturned laundry bin!

Laundry is the very best activity; I get so tired while sorting that I don't know what to do with myself, so I roll in a pile of clothes and bite at this or that with my eyes closed - heaven.

But I have other new favorites, too!

This new favorite toy fell from the sky while Mom was doing some cleaning this weekend, and I tore off the label so fast that she decided to let me keep it.

Mom said this was a shower gift from Grandma - it said "Honey Do Whistle" :)

I have a new favorite dog in the neighborhood whose name is Charlie. He's some kind of pitbull, and he lets me chase him every time we're out together.

And my new favorite activity at puppy class is to go over the A-frame. I don't know why the other dogs have to go so slow.. They talk about it being really hard.. All you have to do is run up and run down, right? And you get a treat at the end? Piece of cake.

Forgive the blur, we took this picture on our phone.

On the other hand, things that are not my favorites include the following:

1) Having my ears cleaned.

2) Stray cats in my backyard.

3) Spray that Mom and Dad use on the carpet - for some reason, they want it to taste bitter in all of the places that I'm trying to dig for treasure?

And, 4) Baths.

I don't focus on the non-favorites, though. I'm learning to get through it, and then wait for a favorite to come around again. With broccoli, apples, walks and family, I'm a happy dog!

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