Saturday, May 14, 2011

Puppy Class

First thing's first: Look at how unbelievably cute I am!

Ok, now I can tell you about the puppy classes I started taking this week!! I have a lot to learn in school, but I'm already mastering give, sit, come, heel, leave it, and, my favorite thing, the agility tunnel.

Puppy class starts with Kong time, while I lick peanut butter and Mom and Dad try to convince me that it's actually a good thing for them to pet me and hold me without getting nipped. Then, there's training time, and we finish with play time in a pen where I get sectioned off with the more rambunctious dogs and sprayed in the face every time I try to bite. That part's okay, I guess, but the very best thing about puppy class is Yapple-nanas.
If you've never had Yapple-nanas, then please, close your laptop and head straight to your favorite restaurant to order some. They're delicious. Like apples. Except with chicken. So delicious. I skip a meal on puppy class days to save room for my Yapple-nanas.

Today, at my second puppy class, I was the only teeny puppy. My favorite of the big breeds is Ajax the Portugese Water Dog, but that's only because of his curly hair. Like my mom, I love those curly-haired guys! The other big pups include a Bernese Mountain Dog and a black Schnauzer. I'm pretty sure that I'm a big dog, too, but when I get stepped on by paws as big as my face I sort of second guess myself..

I'm still an adventurer, you know. Last weekend I went to Philadelphia, made our friend Lauren's cat really mad while I hung out at her apartment, and walked all the way from loud music at the May Fair to a shady nap under the table at a pizza restaurant. Even when I'm exhausted, I love people! The next day, I met my cousins Samantha and Luke, and we played my favorite game: Chase the Kids. I can't wait until I'm bigger so that I have more energy to keep playing as long as Samantha does. I also can't wait to spend a lot more time with kids. They are so much better than adults, better than dogs, better than anyone.

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