Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Camper

Today was my first day at doggie day camp! I passed inspection and can return anytime to play with my new friends.

Don't you think this would a be a great album cover if I start a new band together with all of my camper friends? I'd have to be the singer, since I'm right in the front and have the best pitch for everything from whimpers to barks.

The only problem with having so many friends is that you never get a chance to rest with everybody around. Mom and Dad really missed me today, so they picked me up at lunch time, and by the time we got home I was ready to pass out in front of the fan. I'll be having some serious relaxation all afternoon today!!


  1. What kind of education/training would I need to run a doggie day camp? I think I'm going to have to quit graduate school.

  2. I think to work there you have to take some kind of course, but to really run a place you'd probably have to be what our puppy class teacher is. After her name it says CPDT which I had to look up to learn that it stands for Certified Professional Dog Trainer. You might as well quit school - it's way cooler to have CPDT after your name than PhD anyway..