Friday, July 8, 2011

I Almost Forgot..

I almost forgot to tell you about my graduation from puppy class!!!!!

I was so proud when they gave me this puppy class diploma, and I told Mom and Dad that I needed to have a whole photo shoot with it to be sure that we got my best side. They left it on the table when everyone came over on the night of my graduation, so that all of my new friends could see how smart I am. All the guests thought they were coming over for a housewarming, but I know the truth.. I even got presents at this party, so it must have been for me!

Here's my favorite gift from the party a few weeks ago - his name is Slinky Dog, and he rattles around my nose when we play tug together:

Thanks to all of my new friends for celebrating my graduation with me! They should make bumper stickers for our car, "Proud parent of a Bandilane Puppy School honor student.."

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