Friday, July 8, 2011


You guys must really be wondering where I've been!! A whole month since my last post!!!! I do apologize for the long silence - I've just been so busy with all the growing up that I have to do.

Last weekend we went on a vacation to my Gramma and Grandpa's house in New Jersey. I've basically been sleeping ever since we got back to Connecticut, because there's always so much to do in New Jersey, and I don't want to miss a thing!

Here I am in my life jacket. Mom and Dad got it for me, because my grandparents have a pool outside. I only jumped in once (well, twice if you count the first time that I tumbled in by accident..) - I can swim, but I just don't know if I like to yet. It sure feels nice to cool off on the top step of the pool with some floating toys, though. The life jacket was handy for that first (accidental) dive into the pool, but I don't think I'll need it again until I'm on a boat someday. These little legs can take a girl far..

It's so strange to be in Gramma and Grandpa's yard - I don't have to be on a leash! The first time I went out there, I had to wonder what to do with myself and where it would be okay to do business, since nobody had me tied down. Once I got used to it, though, I did really great and even improved my skills of coming when called.

This weekend I'm off on another adventure - this will be my first time in a hotel! More news coming soon..

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