Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My First Hurricane, and Blue

We weathered the storm!! How are you?! I've been thinking about all of my friends in New Jersey and other places, since I have so many friends, and hoping that everyone is okay. So far, Mom and Dad tell me that our loved ones are fine, and so are we. In fact, I only had to do two things to get through my first hurricane without any damage:

1) Sleep in on Mom and Dad's bed on Sunday; and
2) Inspect all of the branches and leaves and other things that don't belong, on our street and our driveway and our yard and everywhere!

Now that the storm is passed, I have to be really good this week, because of the following reasons:

1) Mom has to compete with everyone whose homes don't have power if she goes out to her usual cafes, so she's working at our house; and
2) I chewed through her laptop charger cable yesterday, so she can't work anywhere other than Daddy's desktop anyway. Oops.

Now, I don't have a very hard job, do I?

In fact, my job is great, because so far this week I get to take off a little time every day to hit the park. If you "like" me on facebook, then you already know that I made a new friend named Blue the other day at the park, and he looks like this:

Blue is great because he's a herding breed, too, and he's about my age, so he can run and turn and jump as fast as me. The only problem for me at first was that his legs are so long that he sort of bowls me over, and then I get tired and bite at him too much. Today, though, since it was our second time playing together, I think he got the idea about the leg thing, and he gave me some space so that we could both run together and roll around in the grass with each other. Then I learned to tell Mom when I'm ready for a rest, so that when other dogs run to us she can scoop me up. Here's how I tell her:

I'm not ready to make any commitments yet, but don't be surprised if someday Blue is my boyfriend. He definitely flirts with me more than with any other puppies at the park!

All of this crazy weather and park time has got me ready for extra belly rubs these days :) Who's in?!

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