Monday, August 22, 2011

The Dog Park, Continued

It's safe to say that the dog park is my new favorite place, especially now that Dad taught me to go in the pool!!

This is a video of the first time that Dad put me into the puppy pool at the park, and you can see how much I love to bite that water, just like I snap at the hose in our yard.  I already told my parents that I need one of these pools at home.. Can you imagine the fun we'll have with that AND the hose?!?

Anyway, sometimes there are a lot of dogs at the park, and sometimes not so many, but I don't mind either way.  I've been there lots of times now, and usually at least one person comes around to tell me how beautiful I am.  They bring dogs, too, but you know how I love new people more than anything.

Here's another video of the places where we puppies can chase each other at the park.  As you can plainly see, I have become an expert of jumping into and out of the pool whenever I want!

I'm also an expert lately at staying awake when I'm really tired, but Mom and Dad say that isn't a good thing, because I can't force myself to stay awake and concentrate on being good at the same time.  Mom's friends from college came to stay with her this week, and I loved them, but Mom said that people can't tell how much I love them when I nip their fingers too much.  Sorry, friends!  I'm growing up to be a big dog just as fast as I can!

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