Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Dog Park

Today was my first visit to the Dog Park!!

It's not far from my house, so I was happy that we could go there on this Saturday afternoon, which is finally a bit cooler than it has been outside. I made friends really fast with this guy:

As you can see, this is an action shot of me taking the inside of a curve in our intense game of chase. His legs may be long, but I'm so fast that he never even won our game. Plus, he's just like me and can run only a little bit less than forever, so when we get tired we can come to a calm truce and still be friends. He's great.

And here's an action shot of his owner relaxing on a bench:

It turns out that this man may have the right idea with his relaxation technique, because, by looking really mean, he spares himself from conversation with any of the crazy folks who linger at the dog park's picnic table and tell weird stories about stray cats in the middle of the street and dog walking as a full-time career.

Anyway, the dog park is super fun, and now that I'm all worn out, Mom and Dad are going to try a new, hip restaurant with their neighbor friends. Thank goodness, they'll get out of here and let me get some rest!

One more thing before I head to bed in front of my fan. Thank you so much for your concern during my time of recovery from surgery. I even got Big Head Benji as a gift from my Missouri grandparents - he's a squeaky dog with a head way too big for the proportions of his body, kind of like me :) My scars are gone, and tomorrow I can finally take a bath, so recovery is going really well and nearly complete. I can't wait to run and jump again.. oh wait.. maybe I've been doing that this whole time even though I'm not supposed to..

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