Monday, January 9, 2012

My Best Tricks

Well, you already know that my very finest tricks include dancing on my hind legs and giving kisses on command. But now, we're working on even better tricks. See, I've been wild lately, and my 10-month-old crazies are inspiring Mom to give me Super-Extra-Training opportunities. My best tricks will soon include the most perfect loose-leash walking (EVERY time I'm out..), coming when called (EVERY time I'm called..), and welcoming visitors into my home (how THEY want me to.. not however I feel like welcoming them..)

As part of my Super-Extra-Training, I'm eating some of my meals one piece of kibble at a time, each as a reward for a trick. I'm basically an expert at puppy push-ups again already, which I haven't done since puppy school. To do a puppy push-up, you just sit, then lay down, then sit, then lay down, then sit, then lay down, and so on, without ever taking your cute butt off the floor. You might think that I have an advantage because my legs are so short - my belly is practically on the floor before I ever start my puppy push-ups! - but really, I'm challenged in the world of push-ups because I'm so inclined to spring up off of the floor every time I get excited.. which is every time I see a treat.. which is almost all the time :)

Anyway, let me show you what I like to do at mealtimes when I'm not busy Super-Extra-Training. Ever since I got big enough to jump on the couch, I like to hang out with my mom there. Who says you shouldn't play with your food? I hope you enjoy this video!

For more photos and videos of crazy cute Corgis like me, you should visit my new friends at The Daily Corgi. I'm feeling so famous because my blog is now listed on The Daily Corgi site. I want to thank The Daily Corgi folks, because I'm having so much fun seeing puppies just like me.

I call this photo, "Corgis Love Couches."

We're linked with The Daily Corgi on facebook now, too. Are you following me already? If not, go do it! We Corgis aren't always easy to keep up with, so get a head start now before I get even bigger and faster!

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  1. Heya GoGo! Really happy to have you on the blogroll at The Daily Corgi, and thanks for following us on facebook.

    My little blog is all about Corgis, which means there is ALWAYS a lot to talk about because Corgis are the bestest!


    Laurie Eno
    Founder & Editor
    The Daily Corgi