Sunday, March 18, 2012

Little Big Dog

Today, I'm sure that I'm a big dog.  I had my first New Canaan adventure, and at Waveny park I was with all of the big doggies.  I mean, I think there were sheeps and horsies in there, some of the puppies were so giant.  But I played with them all.

And, what do you know?, I saw a friend that I've met at my puppy park!

Snoopy is so cool, because he has a long back and short legs like me.  He doesn't get them from being part Corgi - he's a Bassett Hound and Beagle and maybe even Dachsund mix - so we aren't related.  We met another long-back/short-leg puppy today, though, named Max, and he gets his good genes from a Corgi line.  I think he's so handsome, and if I hadn't been so worn out from the sun this afternoon, I probably would have chased a ball with him even longer.

Then, you'll never believe it, we saw two full Corgis!  They got there when I was leaving, so I only stopped to watch them play ball and bark and bark and bark for a moment.  Aren't they so good-looking?  Their fur is more puffed up than mine, but I still think they are so cool.

Once we left the puppy park, I thought for sure that we'd had as much fun as a family can have in a weekend, but we weren't even finished with our New Canaan adventure yet!  It was such a beautiful day, so we took a little walk around the New Canaan Nature Center before we went home.  Look at this enormous tower that I climbed on my own little legs!  I'm a very big dog, you know...

I don't think I've ever climbed so many stairs before..
plus these were the scary kind that are open in the back.. but I'm a brave dog, so I don't mind!

I got a piece of banana for my efforts.  Eat your fruits and vegetables!

Great view of the loud birds from up here!

When we got home from New Canaan, I let Mom handle the spring cleaning while I took a long nap in the sun.  I didn't even know it, but I needed my rest because we had friends over tonight.  What a busy day!

I hope that you are enjoying the Spring where you are.  My family loves getting out into the fresh air, and of course it's best when our adventures involve off-leash park time.  Now Mom says we're going to start gardening together again soon.  I was such a tiny puppy when we hung out in the garden last Summer, but now that I'm a big dog I'll be able to help with the yard work a lot more.  I have special talents for carrying sticks from place to place, plus I'm learning to dig things up.  I can't wait until it's warm enough to chase the water from the hose all over my backyard.  It's a great time of year to be a little big dog.

Now get off of your computer and go soak up some sun!

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