Tuesday, March 27, 2012

School Friends

My school is the coolest. I go twice a week to afternoon school, and I have made so many friends there. You know a lot about my park friends, but now I want to tell you a story about one of my closest friends: Milo.

This is not Milo. But it's the same kind of dog.
So you can imagine that Milo looks something like this.
I don't think he works quite as hard on his appearance as this puppy...

Milo and I met at the park. Sometimes he's really playful and we chase the same sticks all around. Sometimes he's grouchy and I bark in his face about it. For some reason that doesn't make him feel better. Usually, we have lots of fun, and we both really love our moms most of all.

Anyway, last week, Milo's dad took him to my school for his first day. I know what it's like to be the new kid in class, so when I recognized Milo at school, I told him that he could hang with me. I jumped up on the slide (we have slides inside at my school! I told you it was cool..) and I wanted Milo to come with me, but he wasn't so sure about it. Then, I was barking at him to come up, and he was barking at me to come down. We really caused a stir in class, which got me mentioned to Milo's daddy when he got picked up. Oops. We must have been using our outside voices like when we're at the park together, instead of our inside voices for school.

Because Milo is my first friend at both school and at the park, I'm going to have to behave even better than normal with him. I guess that's just part of growing up.

My school is so cool, I'm usually about this tired on my way home:

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