Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Day!

Oh my. We had a blizzard! I've never seen so much snow!! Today my house looks like this:

My yard looks like this:

And my car is buried!

I heard that near my new house, where I'll be living at the end of this month, there's a big hill where people are sledding today. If I lived there, I'd be hanging out with those kids today! But I don't live there yet, so I'm just hanging out with Mom and Dad, on the lawn by the big museum across the street.

I love snow, even when it's much deeper than I am tall!!

Nothing can stop me from running and playing with my dad. The only thing about snow is that I have to leap like a bunny to get after him. Luckily, it also means that I'm slowed down enough to have the leash dropped while we play.

I'm having a great time out there today - how about you? Will you go sledding or make a snow angel? Will you make a snowman? Don't forget to make him a snow puppy, too, to keep him company in the cold!

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