Sunday, February 3, 2013

The 5 Most Important Components of a Great Weekend

1.  Belly Rubs

For obvious reasons, it is best to start the day with some morning snoozes and belly rubs. It's healthy, comforting, and good for our family relationships.

2.  Yoga with Momma

It's best for both of us if we get moving with a workout and stretches. I get my chest rubbed while Momma's seated; I get between her and floor as often as possible; and I kiss her face while she does push-ups. 

It's hard work.

3.  Park Time

There are two great things about the park. One is soccer. There's not much to say about it. It is simply my favorite activity, and I will happily chase any possible thing that a person will kick for me.

Cool action shot, huh?

The other great thing about the park is friends. You've already met my friend Murphy in a previous post. Now let me introduce you to my friend Camden. Because he just got a little sister recently and doesn't get as much of his momma's attention as usual, and because it's winter so neither of us gets out as much as we like, we're both much too busy to pose for a photo lately.

4.  Couch Naps

I get a lot of nap time during the week. On weekends, I stay so busy that naps become precious, so I catch them when I can. The great thing about weekend naps is that I can usually take them on the couch. Most preferably, on someone who's on the couch.

In fact, here I am right now, my paws twitching as I dream of chasing soccer balls while Momma types this post for me with one hand. That's how important nap times are to a great weekend.

5. Did I Mention Belly Rubs?

I hope you had a great weekend, too!

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