Monday, July 8, 2013

About Ohio

Can you guess what I did two weekends ago?

Here, I'll give you a hint:

That's right! I went on a BIG car trip!!

Mom and Dad loaded all of our things into the car and we spent 12 hours on the road in order to get to Ohio. I didn't mind the long drive, mostly because car rides make me sleepy, and because it was worth the long trip to get where we were going!

My dad's grandparents live in Ohio and let us stay with them, which is great because they have the coolest possible house. It's set up like a big circle with each room leading to the next and the next and the next and then back to the first, so when I run around it I never have to stop or change directions. One hallway is the perfect ramp for playing ball, and in the middle of the house there's a place where I can go outside without my leash. It's like they designed the whole thing with playful puppies in mind. In this photo you can see my pal Sophie out in the enclosed part of the yard.

And if the house itself wasn't fun enough already, the family we saw on our trip to Ohio made it even better still. I saw my dad's parents - my friends in Room 25 know his mom as your teacher!

I spent a lot of my time on this trip to Ohio playing with Sophie and Penny. Penny loves to run, just like me, and we chased each other around and around the house. Penny must not know other dogs who can bark as loudly as I can - you should have seen the surprise on her face the first time she heard me! She's only little, and she's younger than me, so I tried to teach Penny a little bit about being tough. Here she is hanging out with me.

I had tons of fun on vacation with my family, and I already can't wait to see them all again. I think one of the best things about vacation is spending time with people we love.

Another cool thing about my Ohio vacation was that I got a special delivery from my friends in Room 25 would be doing during their vacation! My friends, you must have been so busy in these past two weeks!!

You wrote about friends, games, faraway places, zoo animals, and going on airplanes. You also wrote about one of my favorite things: swimming.

Did you celebrate the Fourth of July while you were on vacation, too?

I really enjoyed your thoughts and drawings about vacation, friends. I hope that you had a fun time, and that you are ready to work hard back in Room 25! I always love vacation, but I love coming home to my routine, too.

See? Here I am, back at home in Connecticut, cozy in my own bed, dreaming sweetly of family and the fun that I've had...

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