Monday, June 24, 2013

Home, Sweet Home

We just arrived back home after an amazing long weekend vacation with family in Ohio. Dear friends, I want to write to you, of course, about my trip, but I'm afraid that will have to wait until I catch up on my rest.

When we first got home, I checked out the house to make sure all was as it should be, then Momma and Dadda went to get some lunch. See, even after 12 total hours of naps in the car since yesterday, and a good night's rest when we stopped at a hotel halfway back from Ohio, I'm still one tired puppy today. When my parents got home from lunch, this is how they found me.

I didn't even lift my head when they opened my crate! Just moved a paw aside to get some belly rubs.

Vacation is awesome, but there's no sleep like at home. Sweet dreams until next time...

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