Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Things in Common

This week my Missouri friends sent me some very sweet drawings and stories about their best friends. Some of them even have best doggy friends!

I had so much fun reading about their friends, I was thinking about what they wrote. One thing that stands out to me is that lots of us have things in common with our friends and family. That's one of the best things about the people that we love, right? We are a lot like each other, and we like to do lots of the same things.

I know that's one of the best things about me and my momma. I always say we're just alike, and even now that she's pregnant, we still have lots of things in common!

See her belly? There's a baby in there. But I won't let that make us too different. Now that Momma's pregnant, we're both a little porky. She said she has to gain weight to make room for my little sister, and I say I have to gain weight too so that she feels good about her bigger-than-normal belly.

Also now that she's pregnant, Momma sleeps with a body pillow on her side. I like that idea, so when I fall asleep around a toy or a foot, I use it as my own body pillow.

Finally, now that she's pregnant my Momma and I have a new thing in common: she can't bike like she used to, so now our favorite exercise is to walk to the beach!

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