Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween!

As you know, I love Halloween - in the past I've even won costume contests. But as far as I knew up until this year trick-or-treat was basically just a myth. We never had many people come to our house for candy. It probably didn't help that in the past two years we've had October snow and a hurricane.

But this year!

waiting for tricks-or-treats

Oh, this year!!

This year on Halloween we learned something great about the street we now live on - everyone trick-or-treats here! It's like they come from all over town to knock on my door!

We had so many trick-or-treat-ers that we even ran out of candy. The street sounded like a block party and the cars just kept coming. It was easily my favorite night of the year, since meeting brand new people is one of my most favorite activities. Plus, most of them were just my size!

candy guard dog

I sat outside with my family for a long time giving candy to all of the cutest kids in costume. Mostly they loved me, and even those who were afraid I was able to win over with a sweet look and a tail wag. I'm a very charming dog, you know!

I hope you had fun on Halloween, too!

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